About Our Business

Established in London, England ,in 1992 we began a singlehanded revolution in the way a shop
deals with people and their machinery. We decided that as most shops rip off their clientele to
make a quick $ we would go to the opposite pole and tell our clients how long they may have
before repairs become essential.

Some repair work is imperative to keep your investment on the road, but a lot of work can be
monitored and dealt with when it becomes necessary.

Your vehicle is very personal to you, therefore we aim to keep our customers for many years by
establishing a relationship of honesty and trust, learning about your vehicle needs, your
personal needs, and future requirements. We do everything in our power to make sure our
customers are satisfied and happy with our work. We will do it right the first time.

Our team is very small. Ben, Andy, and Craig run the shop and Brandi runs the office and
phones. Our technical expertise spans more than 80 years, with marques  such as Jaguar and
Porsche being our vehicles of choice for racing. Our workshop time since 1982 includes other
makes to include Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, VW, Volvo and Saab

We also cover repair work on Domestic vehicles, the more interesting the better. Our personal
transport includes several Jags, Range Rover,  Bronco, and Silverado. If it has wheels, we can fix
This engine is in a BMW 740iL. After the customer "cooked" it. He was quoted
$10,000 by a BMW main dealer. We took on the project, changed both cylinder
head gaskets and bolts, installed a new thermostat and drove it back to him after a
100 mile road test. Our charge? $1,900.
A really grungy float chamber from a 1970 Jag E-Type. We have seen this
so many times......
Preventative maintenance is always the key.
The only way to properly clean the intercooler on a VW Diesel!
Anything else is just a shortcut.